Oral presentation by invited speakers and Poster session

The two days RamanFest 2018 Symposium will encourage discussion on Nano imaging, Bio/Life science, Material science and Emerging technologies.

The speakers for the current program include:
Hiroshi Uji-i, Ph.D. Professor KU Leuven University, Belgium
Igor Chourpa, Ph.D. Professor University of Tours, France
Isao Noda, Ph.D./D.Sc. Affiliated Professor University of Delaware, USA
Kouhei Tsumoto, Ph.D. Professor The University of Tokyo, Japan
Masahiro Ando, Ph.D. Junior Researcher/Assistant Professor Waseda University, Japan
Masanobu Yoshikawa, Ph.D. Senior Vice President Toray Research Center, Inc. Japan
Taku Ogura, Ph.D. LION Corporation, Japan
Tan Ping Heng, Ph.D. Professor Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Science, China
Young Mee Jung, Ph.D. Professor Kangwon National University, Korea

We will keep you informed as the speakers list develops on this site.

About Poster Session

RamanFest 2018 will host a poster competition with 2 prizes to be awarded at the end of the RamanFest event. Registered guests are invited to submit abstracts to present your research results, in the form of a poster, throughout the two days of conferences (for the first 40 applicants). All posters will be evaluated by invited speakers. Registeration form for poster session will be available in January,2018. The abstract submission is only accepted by mail to ramanfest.jp@horiba.com after registration. The abstract will be published in the book of the RamanFest.

More information on the Program will be available soon.